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Our committment to our customers.

We are in it for the long haul with our clients!

We believe our customers deserve to know the service levels they will get when they work with us!

We aren’t about hiding behind the fine print or all the reasons why something can’t be done!

When you are running a factory, a mine or a farm, you need a partner when it comes to repairs and keeping your machinery going.
You need to know what service levels and support will be available when things break and the pressure is rising!
That’s why Poly Pro Zambia publically states our 3 promises of customer service!

The 3 Poly Pro Zambia promises for service delivery:


We will stand by our products!

When it comes to polyurethane products, we stand by what we make and you won’t find us shifting the blame or looking for fine print when it comes to our product performance.


We keep going until we get it right

We believe in a simple statement: “Don’t talk about the 100 ways it won’t work, let’s find the 1 way that it will work. We will keep working and moulding until we have the perfect part or solution that your operation needs.


We supply guarantees over our products.

Once we know what you need from our polyurethane products, we work out a fair wear and tear factor and then give a guarantee over our products that gives our customers a peace of mind over their purchase and decision.

Coatings Brochure

Take a look at our brochure for more information on our coatings and sprays.


Still not sure our polyurethane products will work for you?

That’s OK. We get it! It can be hard to trust a new supplier or product you haven’t had experience with before.

But rather than let your doubt dissuade you, why not download our free overview on how polyurethane improves results and performance and when compared against rubber products?


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