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Maintenance advice that lowers your cost of production

Avoid breakdowns that cost you time, money and productivity.

Keep running for longer​

Better products and quicker repose times means we keep you running for longer.

Fewer breakdowns

Avoid crises and chaos by having better maintained equipment and plant.

Get what you want

We customise solutions around you so you don’t just have to “take it or leave it.”

You work too hard to lose your profit to plant and machinery breakdowns that SHOULD have been avoided!

Why live in fear of that call that says yet another thing is broken?

So many mines, farms and factory plants just deal with the problem or breakdown they are experiencing in the moment.
That’s because their experience with most suppliers are riddled with inferior products, slow response times and inflexible solutions.
But what if you could get quality polyurethane products with quick turn around times that were tailored to your needs? 
Wouldn’t that ALSO be an opportunity to build a maintenance plan that reduced breakdowns in the first place?

3 unforeseen benefits of implementing a maintenance plan:

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You make more money.

It’s a simple equation: Less breakdowns = longer operating hours = better profits.

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You sleep better at night.

Responding to unforeseen crises has financial and emotional consequences and well maintained equipment reduces these crises.

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You find quicker solutions.

Obviously, there will be times when accidents happen BUT when your equipment is in a maintenance plan, we will arrive at solutions quicker.

Kennedy Sefuke 
Mechanical Maintenance Coordinator - Dec 2021

Poly Professionals have done the refurbishment and manufacturing of the Wemco Floation Cell Spares for the Lumwana Mine Process Plant as follows: - Disperser- Refurbishment of used items - Rotor- Refurbishment of used items - Disperser Hood- Manufacture of new items The quality of these spares competes favourably with imported spares from the original manufacturers (OEM) and as such, they are performing very well in terms of the expected life in operation.

Still not sure our polyurethane products will work for you?

That’s OK. We get it! It can be hard to trust a new supplier or product you haven’t had experience with before.

But rather than let your doubt dissuade you, why not download our free overview on how polyurethane improves results and performance and when compared against rubber products?


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