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Keep your factory, plant, mine or farm running!

We offer customised, well priced and efficient polyurethane products that keep you trading!

Keep running for longer​

Better products and quicker repose times means we keep you running for longer.

Fewer breakdowns

Avoid crises and chaos by having better maintained equipment and plant.

Get what you want

We customise solutions around you so you don’t just have to “take it or leave it.”

Is this a thought you’ve had about your current repairs supplier?

To them, you are just another order!

So many mines, farms and factory plants have to put up with slow response times, poor quality polyurethane or rubber products and a general ‘take it or leave it’ attitude from their suppliers.
You can almost hear them thinking – “well, it’s not our fault your machinery stopped running!”
A mine, farm or factory needs to run and can you really be expected to make a profit when you have to beg or threaten for decent support when something goes wrong?
Surely there are better people to talk to when a part breaks down or when the solution you need is not covered by the ‘normal’ scenario?

At Poly Pro Zambia, we believe there should be!

Shane Mayo - Kansanshi Copper Mine

I have worked with Poly Professionals over a number of years while working at Kansanshi Copper Mine. The main product we dealt with were the Floatation Area Cell Internals where we had great success in improving the performance and life of the many poly components at a fraction of the OEM Cost. Greg and the team we always continuous improvement minded and would continue with the development of the components until they were to our satisfaction. They also assist us in a number of trials with Pump Internals along with a few smaller poly components across our diverse plant. A pleasure to work with in all aspects.

3 ways Poly Pro Zambia makes sure you operate efficiently:


We supply better products

Our polyurethane products outperform rubber and imported poly parts.


We respond quickly

Being Zambian based, our response times are quicker and we adapt solutions around your needs.


We keep you running

We will guide you with your planned maintenance to ensure fewer sleepness nights and breakdowns.

Coatings Brochure

Take a look at our brochure for more information on our coatings and sprays.


Floatation Brochure

Take a look at our brochure to find out more about our floatation products.


Walkways Brochure

Take a look at our brochure to find out more about walkways we produce.


“The quality of their spares competes favorably with imported spares from the Original Manufacturers (OEM) and as such, they are performing very well in terms of the expected life in operation..”


What can you expect from doing business with Poly Pro Zambia?

We make 3 promises to every customer that we work with:



We won’t shift the blame or point fingers when it comes to our polyurethane product performace!


Whether its providing samples, retesting or remoulding products, we don’t stop until it’s right.


Once we know the application and the wear and tear involved, we will guarantee our products.

Still not sure our polyurethane products will work for you?

That’s OK. We get it! It can be hard to trust a new supplier or product you haven’t had experience with before.

But rather than let your doubt dissuade you, why not download our free overview on how polyurethane improves results and performance and when compared against rubber products?

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